Catch These Five Reasons The Joyetech Cuboid Mini Mod Might Be Best For You

Megan Gray
April 24, 2017

When people vape these days, they pay attention to the latest and top vaping mods that are in the market.


One such is the popular Cuboid Mini by Joyetech, and it is supposed to be moving the market forward. How the mods can be better in some way is always important, but keeping safety concerns in mind when it comes to those lithium ion batteries is always a focus of consumers.

Vapers are looking for a good draw from their vaping devices. The mini mod puts out 80 watts of power, considering it’s small size, too, it’s not a mammoth huge bulky mod. In other words, you can count on it being compact yet still packing a punch.

What else should you know about this vaping mod?

There are many consumer reviews about the vaping experience with the Cuboid mini you should take that into consideration.

You also want to know about the e-liquid capacity, the mini’s size is five milliliters.

While that might be smaller, remember that this is a compact device that packs a punch. That is one of the main reasons it is so popular with people who are vaping.

If you haven’t​ seen what the (video demo)> cuboid mod looks like, you should take a look and compare it to some of the other popular mods out there. The video demo displays the mini and explains all of its uses and gives a full review of the product.

You have heard about smaller devices with power for sure, and now you have a specific example from the vaping world and its experts. If you need to know what battery and coils are recommended to go with this mod? If so, the vaping experts in the video can help you with that as well.



The Joyetech Cuboid Mini is a small and powerful device.

It serves many different functions and options like temperature control and downloadable firmware for easy self-upgrades. That doesn’t​ mean that this mod is the right one for you, but you have the information to decide on your own. It is a cool looking mod that is supposed to be high performance yet again, compact. Is it powerful enough to save on the size, or is this mod lacking? It depends on how you are looking at it I suppose.