Increase Your Mental Energy With Noopept

Megan Gray
November 14, 2017

Noopept is related to the racetam class of smart drugs. Because of it being a peptide derived compound, it is much more bioavailable than other racetam compounds. Thus, making it much stronger than even one of the strongest in the Racetam class – Piracetam.

increase memory using noopept

It has been distributed as a smart drug since the 1970’s and is currently a prescription drug in Russia. It has been shown to have a variety of benefits associated with it. Below, we will be going over some of the primary benefits of Noopept.

1. Improvement In Memory

One of the most significant benefits that Noopept offers users is a significant improvement in memory retention. It is capable of improving one’s speed of recall. This is especially true for enhancing long-term memory retention and recall. Along with this, it has shown to provide an improvement in problem-solving skills as well.

2. Increase In Mental Energy

Another benefit that Noopept is capable of providing is an increase in mental energy. Because the drug is capable of reducing cell damage in the brain and detoxifying the brain, it is able to increase the amount of mental energy one has. Along with this, it can help to promote healthy nerve growth which promotes a healthy brain.

3. Better Brain Communication

Another benefit that can be derived from this smart drug is the ability to improve the way the brain is capable of communicating. Because it has the ability to assist in the development of new synapses that connect the two brain hemispheres, it can increase communication within the brain and optimize verbal communication as a direct result.

4. Enhance One’s Mood

Another benefit that you can get from this particular smart drug is the ability to enhance one’s mood.

5. Reduce Brain Fog

The smart drug has also shown the ability to help with those that might suffer from what is effectively known as ‘brain fog.’ It does this by enhancing one’s ability to engage in extended periods of mental exertion. Thus, while taking it, you may experience faster thinking, enhanced creativity, and even a better ability to calculate mathematical computations.

Overall, this is one of the most powerful smart drugs available on the market. It happens to be a whopping 1000x more powerful than Piracetam which is already a very power smart drug. It has the ability to improve one’s short and long-term memory, reduce brain fog, and even improve one’s mood.