How to Gain Muscle Without Getting Fat

Megan Gray
February 2, 2018

Gain muscle no fat

Gaining muscle without getting fat is complicated. Most people are looking for a secret of gaining muscle without getting fat. There is no secret. Use the right strategies if you want to gain muscle quickly.

A lot of people have done it. You can get bigger, stronger, and leaner if follow sound principles. But you have to be consistent.

Here’s how to gain muscle without getting fat.

Get Enough Sleep

Rest your body if you want to stay lean and build muscle. Studies have shown that chronic sleep deprivation increases cortisol. And it reduces testosterone and it decreases the secretion of growth hormone.

Sleep deprivation leads to loss of muscle mass because it decreases recoverability. And it increases fat mass. That is why it is important to get enough sleep every night. Sleep for around 7 to 9 hours every night. This can help you build muscle.

Check this article here that goes in more details about how to build muscle and reduce chest fat.

Reinforce Your Strength Base

If you are a beginner, start by getting strong. Train for strength. And eat muscle-building diet. This helps to build lean mass because your body is not used strength training.

Build more strength if you want to live more weights. It is easy to increase your muscle mass if you progressively lift more weight. Do not lift the same weight every day because you may never get the results you want. Improve your strength and lift more weights.

Train to Failure Regularly

If you do it properly, it provides a quick boost. Training to failure creates muscular damage and metabolic stress. This helps in muscle growth.

How to do it properly? Use light weights. And choose the right exercise. You can use machines, cables, and even bodyweight exercises. Avoid snatches or deadlifts. Aim for muscular failure. And do not cheat.

Set Realistic Goals

Most new lifters expect to gain muscles in a few weeks. When they don’t get the results they wanted quickly, they quit. Or they look for another program that will help them build muscle mass.

Building muscle mass is a process. It won’t happen overnight. Be patience and choose the right program. Focus on your exercises. Avoid jumping from program to program. Hire a trainer who can help you achieve your fitness goals.

You now know how to build muscle without gaining fat. Get enough sleep, train to failure and set realistic goals, and reinforce you strength base if you want to build muscle.

Benefits of Niacin Max for active people

Megan Gray
February 23, 2017

Niacin max is manufactured by a German company, Wolfson Berg limited and is a supplement used to supply vitamin B3 or Niacin to the body. Niacin max is a great product that uses a unique technology to deliver its massive benefit to users. It is appropriately designed to be dissolved right on your tongue and straight into the bloodstream, unlike other conventional tablet or liquid supplements which first go through the digestive system.

Niacin and fitness resultsThe manufacturers have designed it in the form of a thin film which quickly dissolves in the tongue and into the bloodstream through the mucosal tissues. Niacin is very useful to the body since it provides general good health to the body. Niacin improves good cholesterol levels in the body and thereby reduces cardiovascular problems. Niacin max has many advantages to active people:-

1. Increased oxygen flow

It enables dilation of blood vessels and therefore enables increased oxygen levels to flow through the bloodstream. This enables the appearance of highly visible superficial veins which is desired by bodybuilders. This definition of the veins is quite pronounced since the supplement works efficiently fast in the bloodstream.

The flow of oxygen and nutrients also due to the dilated blood vessels boosts one’s stamina, the stability and endurance during training. This helps in achieving better results over a shorter time. Increased oxygen supply to the brain improves one’s concentration and focus leading to more accurate reactions.

2. Increased synthesis of red blood cells

Niacin Max also greatly increases the production of red blood cells within the bloodstream. This is a great asset to active people since it helps in boosting performance under intensive situations. Niacin Max therefore, provides a legal, natural and safe way of boosting your red cells which in turn improve oxygen transmission.

Niacin Max review3. Enhances production of growth hormones.

This supplement also greatly increases human growth hormones. These are the primary elements used up in enhancing muscle strength and mass. Additionally; human growth hormones are useful in rehabilitating injured tissues and sore muscles which ensure fast recovery of hurt or sore muscles. They also help in the metabolism of fat which helps in getting an enviable, healthier leaner body mass.

4. Important anti-oxidation properties

It also offers the antioxidant properties needed by the body. Red blood cells can be damaged by oxygen due to oxygen exposure. During intensive training, the body produces high amounts of reactive oxygen together with other free radicals that pose a threat to red blood cells. This can damage a person’s aerobic capacity which consequently lowers performance. Niacin max offers an answer to this problem. It has anti-oxidation properties that can prove advantageous.

It is always a thrilling experience to try out new things. It will therefore, be as equally thrilling to use Niacin Max. To be honest, it is a shame for any sports person to lack tabs of Niacin Max in their gym bag, as the many benefits of niacin max can be attested to by numerous health practitioners. For competitive sportsmen and women, it is an ethical and a legal supplement that will definitely give you the medals without tarnishing your career, integrity, reputation and image in society.