Great health advantages of an organic diet

Megan Gray
January 20, 2017

Eating healthy and eating right are key pillars of a healthy life; it is essential that we make the right nutritional choices for ourselves and our families. That is why organic diets have been gaining tremendous popularity, primarily because of their clean farming and rearing practices, making them safer for consumption than conventionally produced foods.

Eating organic foodThey command a premium in the market. However, the advantages they bring to the table are more and make up for the price premium. In light of the nutritional requirements of a family, organic foods are better and safer. At Aaron and Martha wedding I attended recently they were serving only local sourced and organic food and I really enjoyed it. Hence in this article, the following are the Great health advantages of an organic diet for you, your children and your family in general.

1. An organic diet is a safer bet

“Organic” refers to produce and ingredients cultivated minus the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge or radiation. In the case of animals and livestock that produce meat, eggs or dairy, they are not given antibiotics or growth hormones. In short, organic foods are a great choice. Switching to organic foods reduces the level of food-driven pesticide ingestion by your family. Moreover, organic food consumption significantly reduces ingestion of chemicals that have been linked to causing certain types of cancer.

2. Reduces exposure to harmful hormones

Organic diet improves your healthProlonged exposure to chemicals and hormones in food, be it at low or high concentrations, can result in damaging effects in children. Typically, non-organic meats are injected with hormones and endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as estrogen to aid in the quicker development of the animal. These artificially induced hormones and chemicals can result in early onset of puberty in children, thus hampering their natural development. Organic foods are devoid of any artificial or synthetic additives, thus reducing such risks by a significant margin.



3. Prevents chemical induced neurological disorders

It has been observed that a switch from conventional foods to an organic diet reduces the exposure levels to chemicals such as organophosphates. These are a group of pesticides that include toxic chemicals such as chlorpyrifos and Malathion. These chemicals are known to negatively impact nervous system and hamper nervous system development. Switching to a diet consisting of organic food results to a drastic drop in organophosphate levels, thus fostering the normal development of the brain and nervous system.

4. A conscious choice to make your family more conscious

Organic food for your fmilyBesides the obvious health advantages that organic foods have on your family’s health, it is important that the family knows where their food is coming from. Informing them about the right foods and why organic is right for them creates a consciousness in them towards a healthier meal choice. Moreover, organic farming and rearing practices are ecological and environment-friendly.moreover inculcating eco-friendly practices in children at an early age fosters their appreciation for and acceptance of clean and green practices, thus ensuring that they will opt for organic foods when it comes to them making a choice over what foods they would like to eat.

Organic foods are the right choice for your whole family if you seek wholesome, safe and chemical free options at your meal table. While they do cost more than conventionally grown foods, they more than compensate it through safety and nutrition. This factor is particularly vital for children, as they are more susceptible to the negative effects and potential dangers that chemical and synthetic additives and hormones present. Going organic is safe, healthy and kids-friendly!

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